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Settled in 1849, the community of Clarksburg is bordered by the Sacramento River on the east, the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel on the west, the City of West Sacramento on the north, and the Yolo County line in the south. Home to Delta High School, Clarksburg Middle School and Delta Elementary Charter School, on a daily basis all three schools bring together 100’s of North Delta children and families for learning and recreation.

In the 1950’s the River Delta Unified School District (RDUSD) built a pool and provided access to the community during the times that school was not using it. For over 50 years, children and community members learned to swim, participated in swim teams, and enjoyed a bit of community in the sun at the Clarksburg Community Pool. In the early 2000’s, the pool had fallen into disrepair and needed significant maintenance. With its reduced funding, the RDUSD found it no longer became feasible to continue to maintain and operate the pool and, regrettably, the Community Pool closed and the pool basin was filled with dirt.  To this day the dirt remains.

Catching the vision for the renewal of the Community Pool, a group of community members came together in early 2019 to form a not-for-profit organization named the Friends of Clarksburg Services and Recreation to bring the Community Pool back on line and revive the once vibrant community recreation opportunities in Clarksburg. Its mission is focused on expanding recreation in the North Delta region by developing the North Delta Community Park and Aquatic Center in Clarksburg. Working with the Clarksburg community, North Delta regional community, River Delta Unified School District, and Yolo County.

Our goal is to establish the North Delta Community Park and Aquatic Center in Clarksburg and revitalize the region’s recreational opportunities.

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