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How You Can Help

PARTICIPATE! We need your guidance in planning the design details of the Clarksburg Community Park and Aquatic Center! We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, priorities and concerns.


SUPPORT! Come to our events! We need your support and we would love the opportunity to tell you what we're all about and hear YOUR opinions on the project.

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DONATE! Make a tax deductible donation to FCSR!

Thank you to our Supporters!

A.J. and Karen Bennett

Acoustic Events

Alicia Fernandez

Alicia Mittleman

Amanda Beck

Ana Ogilvie

Arika and Jonathan Mills

Barbara and Thomas Cheddar

Bogle Vineyards

Bruce and Genie Simmons

Carel and Linda Van Loben Sels

arlito, Marcial, and Vicente Lamera

Carson & John Lambeth/Civitas

CC's Cakes

Christy Frame

Dan and Juliete Harris

Dane Henas design

Deborah Elliot

Delta Lions Club Corporation Projects

Dennis and Linda Updegraff

Duane Wilson

Dutra Hay and Grain

Earleen Clark

Erik Vink

Erma Wilson

Fellow Wines

Grand Island Vineyards

Hemly Cider

Heringer Estates

Hinman & Carmichael LLP

Husick's BBQ & Taphouse

Intake Screens, Inc

jack mello

Jennifer Kirtlan Real Estate Group

Jody Bogle and Brian Riegler

Joe and Kathi Gomes

Joe and Mary Peach

Julia Bell

Justin and Kristy van Loben Sels

Karen CoffeE

Kathryn and David Pelham

Katie & Scott Heringer

Kerri Stump

Lindsay Green

Mark and Jen Krausse

ME Seebeck & Sons

Michael & Janelle Seebeck

Michael and Karen Landeck

Mike and Del Parr

Molly Lindsay

Moni Kondos

Noel Johas

Peter and Kathy Hunn

Randy Perry

Roger Berry

Sandy Wilson and Ed Franceschi

Sarah Brown

sam merwin

Sharon Norton

Shirley Arruda

Shoya and Ikuko Sakazaki

snowshoe brewing company

silt wine company

Skip and Lois Seebeck

Warren and Margo Fox

Wendy Heaton and Paul Hughes

Yolo County

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